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The Collaborative Team 


Sustainable development projects require diversified skills. We consider that is essential to work collaboratively. Each collaborator of our team from engineering or higher technician training. Each one of them is a specialist in the activity of the company she/he has set up.

We consider ourselves contributors as sustainable development projects require multidisciplinary and multiculturalism. Our multitalented group of professionals realise your projects range from energy studies right through to design.

Contributor & Manager

Jean-Michel CABALD


Founder of MaseO, manage projects &

Energy Expert

Tel : +33-767-217-417

Intermediate / Energy Technician

Laura BAZIN 


Prepare technical reports, administration & CAO/CAD designer,

Tel. : 0800-911-333

Energy Technician


Energy Technician & 3D modeler

Tel. : 0800-911-333

digital referent


Web communication & web manager

Tel. : 0800-911-333

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