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Energy report 2021 in Guadeloupe

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Since 2010, the regional government of Guadeloupe adopted a Multi-Year Regional Energy Plan for the Exploration and Development of Renewable Energy Sources and for Sensible Energy Use (Plan énergétique Régional pluriannuel de prospection et d’exploitation des Énergies Renouvelables et d’Utilisation Rationnelle de l’Énergie, PRERURE)

Later, Guadeloupe would have its own Multi-Year Energy Plan (Programmation Pluriannuelle de l’Énergie, PPE). That is now the benchmark in terms of energy planning.

With its PPE, the regional government hopes to create solutions that are equal to the energy challenges facing Guadeloupe, and to meet objectives set out in the LTECV (Loi relative à la Transition Énergétique pour la Croissance Verte) relating to final energy consumption levels:

  • By 2020: 50% met by renewable energy sources

  • By 2030: Energy independence

The PPE strengthens measures that:

  • Curb energy needs by managing demand, improving energy efficiency and creating new energy services

  • Reduce the share of imported fossil fuels in Guadeloupe’s energy mix

  • Diversify Guadeloupe’s energy mix, especially electricity generation, by developing base-load and variable renewable energy sources

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